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This a blog fully dedicated to the amazing Maze Runner thrilogy by James Dashner. Here you'll find everything about the books, the upcoming movie and the amazing cast. We're not related to James or the cast and crew of the movie in any way.

Title: "I'm Gally"

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Just follow me and run like your life depends on it. Because it does

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The Maze Runner + Relationships  (1 / ? )

Thomas & Teresa

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shh i know newts suppose to be taller than alby dont look at me

this is the first of the group shots im wanting to do from each book. i might do one for the kill order too just for the sake of completeness but idk we’ll see what happens

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finished :)

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Got a letter addressed to Hong Lee Ki. Frustration has turned into laughter. First name: Ki Hong Last name: Lee #100happydays who r u hong lee ki?

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Title: "I'm Minho"

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make me choose: the hunger games or the maze runner.

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